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S.ECO Adblue is available now!
Frequently asked questions about SCR and Adblue

Has SCR-technology been applied by all heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers?

  • For Euro 4: no, not all manufacturers implemented for SCR technology.
  • For Euro 5: yes, all manufacturers have implemented the SCR technique to the disel engine, which requires the use of AdBlue.

What are the advantages of the SCR technology?

  • Reliability: the SCR technique has proven to be absolutely reliable during extensive testing in the past few years.
  • Long term solution: with SCR technology Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards can easily be met. Even the next generation solution, it will be served as the foundation of development in next emission standards.
  • Less fuel consumption: due to the possibility of tuning the diesel engines in a more economical way, an average fuel saving of 5 % can be realised.

What are the disadvantages of SCR technology?

  • You are obliged to use AdBlue.
  • The new vehicles are more expensive because those vehicles equipped with other techniques in order to comply with emission standards.

What makes AdBlue so special?

  • AdBlue is an extremely pure solution. Heavy duty vehicle manufacturers require the highest level of purity of AdBlue, because of the warranty they give on their vehicles.

What is AdBlue’s storage life?

  • The maximum storage period is 1 year, under the condition of storage of AdBlue in the correct way. Temperature is a very important factor. Of course, the sealed packaging, a dry and well-ventilated storage space will affect the storge period as well.

What happens if a heavy duty engine runs without AdBlue?

  • This will lead to crossing the allowed emission levels; even for the diesel engine runs in a fuel optimized way, it still has a negative impact on the NOx emission. For that reason sensors are placed in the exhaust pipe to measure the NOx emission. The measurement results are stored in the OBD-system (On Board Diagnostic) and are periodically controlled.
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