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          S.ECO Adblue-200L package
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          S.ECO Adblue-10L PE Bottle
          S.ECO Adblue-10L Soft Bag Package
S.ECO Adblue is available now!
Frequently asked questions about SCR and Adblue

Adblue Solution:

AdBlue is a high quality solution ,especially developed for the automotive SCR catalytic converter. By injecting AdBlue into the SCR catalytic converter,all harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) are immediately reduced into harmless nitrogen and water. It is only by using AdBlue that this catalytic conversion has the optimal effect.

SCR Operation:

S.ECO-Adblue Specifications:
- Made up of 32.5% pure urea and ultra pure water.
- Used with the diesel engine that can acheive
Euro IV and V emission standard.
- Serve as an reduction agent in the SCR process to reduce NOx emissions from the diesel oil engine .  This reducer can transform the NOx to nitrogen and pure water.
-  The SCR technology can reduce the fuel consumption as well.
- Manufacturer with API DEF Certificate (已獲美國石油學會認可)

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